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【Join requirements】
1. has a legitimate legal qualifications;
2. Distribution of this product more than 1 year or 1 year,2 years of sales experience in the furniture industry,a certain degree of overall strength, comply with the requirements of venue;
3. have good business ideas , a strong brand awareness and brand promotion of operational experience;
4. There is a strong sense of development , the company's brand recognition in strategic planning, determination of long-term cooperation;
5. Willing to comply with company uniform decoration , display , advertising , assessment and management practices;
6. image store products must run my company's brand series products;

【New Arrivals】
1. A professional design services: professional design team to provide you space plane and accessories design services free
2. training services:the industry's first national training courses specifically for the elite image of the store front-line staff,to promote the image of the store terminal sales to improve performance !
3. priority supply products
4. Maintenance renovation subsidies
5. " One city, one " policy to protect
6. engineering services support : more than 10,000 square feet of major office furniture showrooms and professional project management team to provide you with a comprehensive environmental solution package , and enjoy works prior authorization !
7. technical support services:continue to promote the brand name and brand mark upgrade Honors certification and management , to enhance the brand 's soft power
8. inventory logistics advantages:an area of ??100,000 square meters of new logistics base to provide efficient, fast logistics and supply services to large merchants.

【Join Process】
01. Franchise Application.
02. Information Audit.
03. fieldwork.
04. signed a franchise agreement.
05. image of the store design.
06. image shop decoration guide.
07. image of the store opening guidance.
08. image store authorization.
09. image store operations.
10. The image of store operations management, follow-up services.