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ission: Self-development, Benefit Society
Vision: Create more value for society in the field of office furniture
Philosophy: Take success as a starting point
Spirit: United, Struggling, Advance with the Times, First-class
Style: Preciseness, Pragmatism, Unity, Innovation
Quality Concept: Exceed Customer Expectation, Establish Industry Benchmark
Competition Concept: Success by Quality, Cooperation, Reciprocity
Decision-making Concept: Democratic decision-making, authoritative management; encourage people to put forward different opinions, follow the correct concept rather than follow the crowd
Execution Concept: Accept a task unconditionally, perform a task resolutely, fulfill a task successfully
Market Concept: Create Brand by Quality, Develop Market by Brand
Service Concept: Attentive, Enthusiastic, Sincere, Eternal
Brand Concept: Brand is Strength, Brand Decides Future
Talent Concept: Rational Usage, Give Full Scope to the Talents
Development Concept: Quality-based, People-oriented, Sustainable Development