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2004: Fumeida Office Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in the hometown of Sun Yat-sen;
2005: Fumeida made debut in Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, taking the first step in entering market;
2006: Our company expanded the scale of production and operation. A lot of elites and technical backbones joined us;
2007: Our company introduced UV automatic production line, greatly promoted the specialization of production and production efficiency, and was certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System;
2008: Our company expanded production scale again, increased warehouse capacity, registered “Dazhijie” trademark successfully and established “Zhongshan Dazhijie Office Furniture Co., Ltd.”;
2009: The engineering department was established, the market and project complemented each other’s advantages, and the sales volume increased; Fumeida products were certified to “CTC”; The swivel chair & sofa factory was established, taking the first step in engineering support; ;
2010: The marketing department was established, took the lead in reform of sales model, and achieved outstanding performance. The product was awarded “Excellent Material” in the 25th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair. Our company was awarded “Zhongshan Innovative and Advanced Enterprise”. “Zhongshan Huahua Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” was established and “Huahualong” trademark was registered.
2011: The slab rubber screen factory was established, starting a new era for modern eco-friendly products. Our company was certified to “China Environmental Labelling”. Fumeida headquarters building and new production base started construction.
2012: “Zhongshan Huida Office Supplies Co., Ltd.” and “Guangdong Fumeida Office Furniture Group Co., Ltd.” were established, starting a new future.
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